General Sessions

Accounting Master Tips + Tricks: This is another popular session to give you some tips and tricks for Accounting Master! We want you to attend this session so you can easily learn some fun ways to use Accounting Master and make things easier on yourself every day!

Billing + CABS Updates: Tricks and reminders will be found in this session.

Customer Engagement Through Your Website: Now more than ever, your company’s website needs to be far more than just an online brochure. It needs to be easy to find, fast to load, and packed with features to boost engagement with customers and prospects alike. Attend this session to learn 10 steps you can implement to ensure your company’s website is meeting the demands of today’s consumer.

Customer Master Tips + Tricks: Our always-popular session will help you with all the “little” things you need to know to help you navigate Customer Master. From quick how-to tips to hidden efficiencies, this session is always a hit!

Customer Service in a Game: We’re going to have fun during this breakout session, but we will also go through some things to remember as we work with customers every day. Bring your sense of humor and your party hat!

Cyber Security: Building a Solid Foundation: In this session, we’ll cover some of the basic building blocks of cyber security. We’ll provide practical tips to implement now to improve your security, both personally and as part of an organization.

Grid Reports + Reports in Customer Master: There is so much to know about reports! During this session, we will show you how easy it is to use Grid Reports, and we’ll also walk through some simplified reporting in Customer Master. Combine this session with our “Best of Reporting” breakout, and you’ll have everything you need to be a report wizard!

MACC Back to the Basics: We are going to show you all the things you don’t know about that MACC can do for you! These topics include reminders on how to use the MACC resources we have in place to help you with your day-to-day work efforts. This is a must-attend!

MACC’s New Bill Format: Set your sites on the new bill format: what it is and how it is changing.

The Best of Reporting: Web, Dashboard, and eDataMaster: Stop looking for data!  We can tell you where it is!! During this session, we will show you all the reporting options you have with our Web Reporting, Dashboard / Executive Dashboard, and eDataMaster.

Year-end: Everything You Need in Accounting Master: Year-end can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, so take in this session to get all the information you need to make the next year-end a painless and easier process.

Additional Education Opportunities (Paid Training)

Paid Training Registration

Accounting Master Administrator Options: If you are your company’s Accounting Master Administrator, then this sessions for you! We’ll talk about all of the preferences available throughout Accounting Master to optimize your use of the software.

Accounting Master Importer Options: This session is a review all importer options in Accounting Master, including Journal Entry imports, Account Payable invoice imports, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Serial Number Imports, and more.

Address Management: This is always a popular topic! You’ll be educated on the best ways to search, add, and clean up your addresses in Customer Master. As more and more companies move into new physical areas – this topic becomes more critical. Don’t miss it!

Customer Master Importer Tool: Use the Importer Tool for easy data entry. If you have information in a .CSV file, you can import new data, as well as update data already stored in Customer Master. Imported data can include Addresses, USPs, OCCs, Sales Leads, Plant, CRM rows, and more!

Customizing Customer Master: This popular session will review ways you can customize your personal Customer Master workspace. Topics will include Service Order Preferences, Ribbons, and so much more!

Messenger Suite: Review the latest options available in the Customer Master Messenger Suite – focusing on customer notifications. We have so many tools available to coordinate communications with your customers. Be sure you are using them to your advantage!

Mini Jump Start: This class is designed to give new employees an overview of Customer Master and provide seasoned employees a refresher on functionality not being used today.

Service Order Efficiencies: We always have a few tricks to show you to make your Service Orders as efficient as possible. We’ll review the latest in Templates, Workflow, and more.

Technician Basics: During this valuable session, we will review the basics of Customer Master for your technicians. We’ll review basic Customer Master navigation, MACC Mobile for technicians, and how to enter time through TMS (the Time Management System).

Complimentary Training

Accounting Master: Accounts Receivable: What can it do for you? Accounts Receivable can be used to process miscellaneous invoices for AR customers – outside of the end-user billing process. This session will be an overview of adding AR customers and managing their invoices.

Accounting Master Hidden Gems: Take this class to learn about underutilized functionality in Accounting Master and what it can do for you. We’ll show you cool tools in CPR, AR, Bank Rec, Report Auto Generation, and more topics.

Accounting Master What You May Have Missed: Since last we met in 2019, we’ve implemented many new features in Accounting Master. This session will be a review of all of the new enhancements added in the last several Accounting Master releases.

Customer Master Year-in-Review: This session will include our favorite new features in Customer Master 21.2 and 22.1 – just in case you missed something!

Inventory Management with MACC Mobile: Learn how to effectively use MACC’s Accounting Master Inventory module in conjunction with MACC Mobile to keep your inventory counts and details in check.

Plant for CSRs: If you are new to the communications industry, and you’d like to know more about plant, then this introductory plant session is a must-see. We’ll break down plant terminology and show how plant details are tracked in Customer Master.

The Latest in Payment Options: We will review best practices for managing payments from eBill to credit card to ACH payments. We’ll also take a close look at processes you should follow to optimize payment reporting.

Web Self-Care: We will help you understand the customer experience using Web Self-Care, and then review the Administrative options available to you. If you’d like your customers to have self-service options on your website, this is a must-see!