Accounting Master Tips + Tricks
This is one of our tried-and-true classes, but we know you love getting all the Tips + Tricks possible for Accounting Master. We can give you hints for things you might not even be aware of, so you can spend your free time honing your super powers!

Achieving Teamwork!
During this interactive session, you will learn how to be a good teammate. Take the positive energy you will gain from this class back and share with all your co-workers!

Being Super Mobile!
MACC is MOBILE! Join our experts for a lively and informative discussion on all the ways your office can interact with MACC software. We will be discussing Web Self-Care, Web Reporting, MACC Mobile (of course), eBill, eDataMaster, and Online Directory. This is a can’t-miss session!

Communications + Marketing with MACC from A – Z
During this fast-paced, interactive session, we will cover telecom marketing and communication topics from A – Z. You’ll receive great ideas from MACC experts, in addition to the chance to learn about what your peers are doing to reach out to their customers.

Customer Master Tips + Tricks
This interactive session provides you the opportunity to show off your Customer Master Super Powers while picking up some tips along the way. A wide range of new and old (sometimes forgotten) information will be included.

Information Superheroes!
This session will take you down the Information super highway! We will be discussing MACC’s Web API, and all the ways in which it will help you reach your company’s goals as you interface with vendors who best fit your needs. We will also be discussing a few other new options for your company!

Marketing Super-Powers!
Join one of our Super Client Relations/Account Management teams and learn all about things like on-bill ads, color bills, Web Self-Care, displaying usage on bills, and Suggestive Marketing in Customer Master. See real-life examples from your peers, and discuss how they have increased their branding footprint with all these options!

Reports Tips + Tricks
If you want to get in on all the secret ways reports can help ease your day-to-day routine, this session is for you. Another team of MACC Superheroes will be giving you some SUPER-awesome tips and tricks to help guide you through all the reporting options available to you.

Superhero’s Guide to Success through MACC Products
This session will be an overview of key MACC products and functionality and how you can use them to optimize your daily workflow.

Tech Support
Are you a Tech Superhero? Guess what? You don’t have to be to attend this session! Our Tech experts will be on-hand to guide you through the latest in technology, cybersecurity, and anything else you need to know to make sure the villains don’t get your data!

Top 10 Things in AM 18.2 + 19.1
Feeling like you may have missed some good stuff in our last couple of releases? Join us for this session so we can give you a quick year-in-review, as well as point out some really awesome functionality you might not be aware of.

Top 10 Things in CM 18.2 + 19.1
This session is another way for you to make sure you know all the ins-and-outs of the last couple releases of Customer Master. We will give you the Top 10 things you should know about, as well as using – so don’t miss this informative and important session.

Valuable Customer Service Super Powers
During this session, you will learn about value. Your value. Increasing your value to your company. How valuable you can be as you increase your job knowledge and hone your skills. This is a great session to attend if you want to gain additional tools to show your company just how important you are!

What’s New in AM 19.2
Coming soon to you – Accounting Master 19.2! We will walk through all the new functionality you will see in Accounting Master 19.2, which is scheduled for Fall 2019 release. Lots of great information to take back to the office and share with your co-workers, put to use in your daily activity, or both.

What’s New in CM 19.2
Come on in to our What’s New in Customer Master 19.2 session to get caught up on all the functionality you can expect to see as we release our newest version. You’ll want to get a seat early, as this session will fill up fast!