Training Options

Super powers don’t come easy! That’s why we have 14 training courses available during MBTC. Some are paid (more information below) and others are included in your MBTC registration. They are all taught by MACC’s expert trainers so you will be learning from the best. When you’re done, your co-workers will think YOU ARE A SUPER HERO with all your new skills.

Complimentary Training Courses

Accounting Master Super Powers
This is a session for all Accounting Master Users! When you leave this session, you might not be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, but you will learn many timesaver tips like all the shortcuts available in Accounting Master, along with shortcuts for recurring journal entries, recurring AP invoices, AR invoices, recurring labor entry, and imports.

Address Suite – Ironman Addresses
We know addresses can seem like a daunting task – but, you need to fly into this session to learn about best practices when entering addresses, how to import addresses, what address auto-assigned values are, and how to keep you addresses clean.

CM Customization – Stealth CM Users
During this session, you will learn time-savers that will help you every day! Join us for this super-stealthy session as we show you how to set up ribbons, service order preferences, and more!

CM MACC Mobile – Mobile Crusader
We KNOW you need to attend this session, because you will leave with so many “mobile tools,” you will wonder how you ever got along without them! We will be reviewing all MACC Mobile best practices, including clearing Service Orders and Trouble Tickets, viewing schedules, using signatures, and more!

Reports Suite – Indestructible Information
This is a can’t-miss session for anyone who wants to save time and money when using reports. Our Reports Super Hero will be providing detailed information on using Custom Grid Reports, report auto-generation / saving reports (so future reports require a couple clicks of a button to get what you need!).

Paid Training Courses

Accounts Payable Suite – Amazing AP!
If you currently use Accounts Payable and want to become an even more effective user, or if you have never used Accounts Payable and want to, this is your session! Our MACC AP expert will walk you through using Accounts Payable from start to finish and will give you some tips for using Recurring AP invoices, the approval processes, and all preferences in the AP module.

Budget Suite – The Budget Bot!
There isn’t a robot (“bot”) teaching this class, but rather our MACC TCA who is a hero when it comes to developing and managing a budget in Accounting Master.

Marketing Suite – The Masked Marketer
Our Masked Marketer will walk you through everything you need to know from inside Customer Master for a successful marketing campaign. You will learn how to use Suggestive Marketing, the Marketing Campaign Manager, and reporting to determine the success of the campaign. This is a can’t-miss session for time-saving tips on all things Marketing!

Messenger Suite – The Flying Messenger
The Flying Messenger (aka one of MACC’s Super Hero TCAs) will be showing you how to set up e-mail messaging using simple text. Another great way to communicate with your customers with a couple clicks of your mouse!

Payroll Suite – Professor Payroll
Professor Payroll will not be holding a lecture, but rather a hands-on session to make you an expert user in all things Payroll/TMS/Time Entry! You will become skilled in entering, viewing, approving, and monitoring – so don’t miss this session!

Receivables Suite – Robo Receivables
During Robo Receivables, MACC’s Receivables expert will walk you through using best practices and settings, and you will also learn about best practices for the Write-Off module. These time-savers are a can’t-miss!

Scheduler Suite – The Scheduling Shadow
MACC’s Scheduling Shadow won’t keep you in the dark about all things Scheduling! When you leave this training session, you will have all the tools you need to successfully and effectively manage the Scheduler in Customer Master. Your technicians will never be the same after you implement this super-efficient way to manage their schedules!

Service Order Suite – Templates to the Rescue!
We are going to “rescue” you and show you how many efficiencies we can bring to your daily work by using Templates. We will focus on building and using all the templates available to you in Service Order. You will fly back to work with many time-savers in your cape!

Trouble Suite – Be a Trouble Super-User!
Never fear – the Trouble Module is here! Learn about the latest advanced features in the Trouble Suite to rescue you from danger. We’ll review things such as Trouble Staging, Trouble Escalation, and Trouble Ticket Mass Outage – just to name a few trouble-savers!

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